Today, many companies and decision makers like working with event partners who can help them to make their events more environmentally friendly and ecological. Under the motto “100% sustainable – we’re on our way”, we are committed to offering you future-oriented solutions for your event.

  • Management of resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste prevention
  • Innovative technology
  • Increased awareness in all processes

The entire annual electricity consumption of the Historische Stadthalle – 740,256 kWh – is covered by energy from renewable resources. By switching to this sustainable energy supply, we and our customers reduce our impact on the environment by 301,284 kg CO2 per year.

Additional sustainability benefits for you:

  • Event ticket (CO2 free) in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn
  • Short distances: to the high-speed (ICE) train station, the city centre, 10 hotels (in a 1.5 km radius)

Since 2013, the Historische Stadthalle has adhered to the sustainability code of the German-speaking events sector, “rightandfair” and has been Ökoprofit® certified since 2016. Our Sustainability Report documents measures taken and success stories.

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